Saturday, December 11, 2010

New ornaments for our tree

C and I agreed that we need some ornaments for our tree...not that our tree is half-empty or anything like that. It's just that most of the ornaments we have, are some that we have given the kids! If we don't start buying some for ourselves, we'll have an empty tree when they move out. LOL!
C's christmas(tree)coffee
I got this cute coffee ornament when I was in Vienna last month. Too cute if you ask me :)

Miss V and I went shopping today, and she chose this angel for herself
Miss V's angel
The frog is for Little A
Little A's frog
The tiger is for C - he really likes that ;)
C's tiger 
I love getting new decorations for our tree. 
And so do the kids ;)


Alex said...

how pretty! I saw the Starbucks one here too!
I made a few this year for our tree, I love how they look!

Messy Karen said...

i have two different Starbucks ornaments. very cute and well made. but i do love your new mushroom all sparkly and glittery.

LJ said...

I have a lot of ornaments. I think a tree is all about the ornaments! :) Over the last couple years some ornaments I'm quite attached to and some not so much. I'd love to add some more to my collection. Each year I try to buy one or two. After Christmas is the best time to buy ornaments, they're all on sale. When you put them away with your Christmas stuff for the year it's like a surprise the next Christmas! I've done this so many times!

ladydi said...

Very nice, but where are the homemade ones??