Monday, November 15, 2010

Vienna - at the opera

Vienna has a lot of cafés and apparantly they are famous for their coffee - I don't drink coffee, so that was wasted on me. However I do eat cake. And they had lots os fabulous cake!!
Cafe Museum 
Another thing Vienna is famous for is their Opera House. I first saw it at night, and it looks really nice with all the lights.
I had booked a ticket to see a ballet in the Wiener Staatsoper, but when it finally turned Wednesday evening I was so tired I almost didn't go.
But I am so glad I did. 
Wiener Staatsoper
It was a beautiful performance and everything about this building was so formal and elegant. I felt very glamorous - even if I was wearing jeans!

On a less festive note: I am sick! Eeeeks! Well-wishes are most welcome ;D


Exuberant Color said...

wow that is a beautiful building. We don't have any like that here in the US. I was able to visit England once so I have seen castles and huge buildings and they are amazing.

mtnchild said...

Well wishes being sent your way!!! LOL

The old buildings are a testament to glamor and grace. Love the opera house, both inside and out.

Alex said...

I hope you get better soon...

That building is gorgeous, in a different way of course than those colourful ones, but still so beautiful and elegant!

Chris said...

Sorry you are under the weather. Maybe some of that wonderful torte would make you feel better??? :)
Hope you get well soon.

ladydi said...

What a wonderful experience you had in Vienna! I'm so glad you got to go. The opera house is beyond compare - I laughed about your jeans. Do feel better soon! Perhaps you need a little more of that Viennese torte. . .I'm eating my breakfast grapefruit as I admire your cake. LOL!