Monday, November 1, 2010


Today started out not so good. Miss V is sick and I am staying home with her today.
A day with her is always welcome, I just wish it didn't have to be because she is feeling bad.

We started doing watercolors, watching movies and other low-key activities....and then the doorbell rang!
It was the mailman - with a package for me - my doll quilt for DQS9!!
This quilt has been sent to Europe from the US three times before arriving at my door - I am so happy Donna didn't give up! Look at the beauty she made for me!

She also sent lots of goodies
Look at all the goodies!! 
Miss V was so happy to see a lot of beautiful buttons, and she started laying them out on the quilt ;)
The patterns are wonderful, I think I will make some bags for Christmas, they will make great presents!

Also, look at the label
Label on my DQS9! 
Isn't it just the best? I am feeling very lucky that Donna made this quilt for me. It is perfect!


domoshar said...

It is gorgeous!
Happy you received it!
Hope little miss V loves it and gets better sooner!

Anonymous said...

It's really lovely. What a great design.

ladydi said...

Fun day at the mailbox! Hope Miss V is better soon - oh, and tell her not to share her ailment with the rest of the family. ;0)

Chris said...

How cute. I love the brightness of the colors.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad it arrived safety!! Love the bright colours and the label is delightful.