Saturday, September 18, 2010

A bag for my sushi-loving sister!

My sister loves sushi. We always have sushi when we want to treat ourselves to something special - so naturally Miss V has been used to sushi being something really extraordinary and she has always associated sushi with my sister.
So when I said the sewing project of the day would be making a reusable grocery bag for Aunt J, the only fabric that would do was the sushi print!
I used a plastic grocery bag as my pattern, so it's a good size and my sister should be able to get some good use out of this.

The lining was also chosen by Miss V, I had intended to use this print for binding for a future project...but since that is a still-unknown-future-project it didn't seem to make much sense to make that argument with the very happy V.
This bag folds up very small, and will definately fit into most shoulderbags :)
I think it turned out pretty nice!
I have made a few of these already, my favourite one has gone missing, so I made a new one for myself too. By the time it was done it was too dark to get a decent picture, so you'll have to see that in my next post :)


LJ said...

I really love this bag! Is it hard to put together?

Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

I LOVE that sushi print fabric, though that would be the only way I'd enjoy sushi.

ladydi said...

Your sister will be so happy with her new bag! I have never seen sushi fabric before - how funny! You and Miss V are excellent fabric shoppers.

Bec Clarke said...

Love the fabric, love the bag. Have your thought of doing a Tutorial for it???
Keep up the wonderful work, I just love your blog.

Queen of the Unfinished Project said...

Yes, please. How did you make it? It it sooooo cute! And I could use of few of those myself. I hate having to use those ugly bags they sell at the store. But I could see me using those, if I had some. Were they hard to do?