Monday, June 7, 2010

A baby quilt and lots of fabric :)

Yesterday we went to see my good friends' baby get baptised...and you know how it is. A new baby means a BABY QUILT!! I haven't been able to share any pictures of this before, since it obviously had to be a surprise :) This picture is taken in the laundry room, right after I pulled the quilt from the dryer, and right before I packed it up and ran out the door...we made it to the church on time, but only just!!
My friend loves 60" square
Like so many others, I like to work with solids, and since I order most of my fabric online, I treated myself to the Kona cotton solids colorcard. Wow. I love it. I see many more solids in my future.
I ordered my color card from Canton Village Quilt Works if you don't know the store, go visit. Jackie has a lot of great stuff in her store! I also bought the FQ pack of rainbow colors from her.

Last week I took Miss V to the fabric store - to buy backing fabric for the baby quilt - and she chose these fabrics. She needs new dresses and skirts, she has grown so much since last summer that all her summer clothes are too short. LOL. So I am going to start by making her some skirts. I also bought these orange and teal fabrics. Orange and teal is my favourite color combination right now.
Also....I am a swap mama in Doll Quilt Swap this round. EXCITING!!! So if you visit the flickr group or the DQS blog, you'll see me there from time to time as well!


Jackie said...

Love the baby quilt!! I have to say Tine, that I am just so tickled that the card and bundle I sent you arrived so quickly. I know you will put them to great use! They are wonderful to have as part of your quilting stash! The skirts for Miss V are going to be so cute. I was at a retreat this weekend and one of the ladies was making these cute little skirts for her granddaughter. They were just adorable! I am sure Miss V will love them!

Trisha said...

I need to get me a Kona color card. I ordered online without one and some of the colors were a little off of what I was hoping for. Yay, for you being a swap mama in the DQS. Maybe you will be my mama.

Suzanne said...

Love the baby quilt, you are so amazing getting so much done.
Thanks for inspiring me to become a quilter.

ladydi said...

Miss V chose some great fabric! Love the bunnies and carrots - I hope we get to see what you do with them. Lucky baby to get a nice big quilt to play on and nap under.

domoshar said...

Lovely quilt!
Happy sewing with the new beautiful fabrics!