Friday, June 20, 2008

Fantastic mail!

I entered I'm a ginger monkey's contest to help name her new Bernina -and I won!! Yay! And look what the wonderfully talented Katy sent me!!! I love it. Look at the embroidered tail onthe's so sweet!
And I got my 6-12" miniquilt from tessophia. This is a Flickrswap I really enjoy. She made this little beauty especially for Ask. How cute is that?! The handquilting on this is so so pretty. He loves it, and I'll hang it over his bed.
As if that was not plenty of mail-love, I also got this absolutely amazing package from Anne in Finland. It has lots of large pieces of Marimekko fabrics
I LOVE these, they are so so beautiful! Thank you so much!

Anne also sent all these Moomin-goodies -look at the pink and baby-blue Moomin-fabric with matching stripes!
She sent mugs for the children, Viola wanted Ask to have this one
And she wanted this for herself
This is the green Moomin-fabric I laid everything out on in the first photo
Thank you Anne! I cannot tell you how many oooohhs and aaawwwws and smiles we have had opening your generous gift. Ask and Viola want to use their new mugs with every meal, and Viola wants me to save the napkins for her birthday-party :-)


thriftymrs said...

Oooh lovely gifts! Loving the moomin.

Helen said...

Ohhhh, what lovely mail to arrive! Lucky you!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What great goodies you have received!The dancing hippo fabric is so cute!

ladydi said...

What a great day at the mailbox!

Suzanne said...

What wonderful parcels to receive in the mail. I am sure you deserve it, good for you.

Marie said...

What a great bit of loveliness you got there in the mail-it's all so cute! The fabric, mugs, all of it-lucky lady!

Lily Boot said...

OH MY GOODNESS - MOOMIN FABRIC! AHHHHHH!!!!! We just adore Moomin and there is absolutely nothing in Australia! People have never heard of Moomin. They think we're mad! We have new guinea pigs as of last Saturday and they are called Snufkin and Little My - and Little My is a stroppy, fierce little thing just like in the books! Oh you lucky lucky duck - I can't show Abby - she'll shriek! What are you going to do with the fabric Tine?

I AM said...

Wow, that is the mother-load of all mail days! How wonderful.

Hee, hee...on the last mug that you posted of the girl, it looks like she is flashing someone! :)

Leslie said...

You are so lucky! Those fabrics are gorgeous.