Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm definately a beginner at this, thinking "why would anyone want to read about my life?". I guess I think I'd have to do something out of the ordinary to blog... And I really don't! Do anything out of the ordinary, that is. I wanted to play around with this blog-thing today, see how it's done, and now I can't figure out how to delete my blog, so I guess I'm starting blogging now.
Not the best time e
ver, I have to say, but oh well, there's always something!
My youngest is still at home with me, and my maternity-leave ended February 1st, so now I'm a full-time student (studying Library and Information Science), and a full-time mom. And blogger. There's certainly enough going on, I'll just have to find the time to post it.

I'll take you along when I go to school -can't always call it by its proper name: The Royal Danish school of Library and Information Science, that is too long!
Anyway, that should be fun! Maybe it'll snow!? But what I know for sure is, little Ask (my youngest) will be going with me, so that should be fun!


calamitykim said...

yeah! You started a blog!!! yeehaw!!! post about your crafts and sewing! The world wants to know all about you!!! The secret is to blog a lot! :) Good luck sweet pea! xxxooo calamity kim

Holly @ said...

Hi there! I just saw your post at ArtsyCraftyBabe... I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma...

I'm new at blogging too! Come on over and let's figure out how to become less invisible together!!! :-)

Hey, at least you figured out the flickr thing!


beki said...

Welcome to blogging! Good luck :)

Charles said...

Your blog sure looks nice. I look forward to read about all your stuff.

carolyn said...

welcome to blog world...and thanks for stopping by.

Elizabeth said...

Welcome to the crafty blogging world! I'm looking forward to reading about your creations.