Sunday, March 30, 2008


How about some noodles? They may be a little dry, though, as they are made from wool-felt....

Or would you prefer something else? Maybe a sandwich?

Viola loves her handmade playfood. I try to make more for her every once in a while.


ladydi said...

You have wonderful ideas, and I'm sure these were fun to create. Cute! Another great birthday present idea for a lucky someone.

BusybeeDebQuilts said...

What a great idea and what a fun mom you are!


Skye Rocket Sews said...

Cute Blog!Love the cowboy fabric...who makes that one?
I wanted to name our first girl Viola,but hubby wouldn't let me.Love the name.

Lily Boot said...

What lovely, felty food! The pasta bows are delightful - how did you get them to sit so stiffly? Creating play food from felt is such a great idea for little people - and I was sitting her thinking that my little person was too old for this now, but on reflection, I think she might enjoy making some for her dolls. Thanks for lovely photos and ideas!