Thursday, September 23, 2010

A commitment..

This summer we got Miss V a Nintendo DSi. There was a moment there where I was afraid I would never again play Go Fish!, puzzles or read books with her again.....not to mention see her beautiful blue eyes!
Luckily that was not the case, she loves her Nintendo and does use it a lot, but it is something she will choose to do instead of watching a movie.

So, the only rule I made was, that it could not leave the house before we had some kind of bag/case/cozy for it.
And so I made this cozy for her Nintendo. Better than having to break my own rule, huh? She likes it! Yay!

Also I have the pictures of the grocery bag I made for myself. I love this Kaffe Fassett print so much, this way I get to see it almost every day.
I also like the lining, I like stripes.Don't you like these stripes too?
I just want to make a ton of these bags, they are really fun to sew. And every afternoon when I pick up the kids, I end up carrying all their art projects, dirty clothes, jackets etc in a big lump under my arm. Now I can pull a beautiful handmade fabric bag from my shoulder bag, and carry all their stuff in style. That makes me feel very organized. Bear with me...I don't get to feel that way very often ;)

I have made a commitment to post every day from now and until the end of October - except this weekend!
So you'll get to see a lot of pictures from my everyday life, because I don't get to sew every day.


Alex said...

yeah! i am going to post everyday too, on my personal blog "my corner"!
I really like that little DS case, cute and practical! said...

Your DSi case is really cute. I have been blogging for almost 6 months now and have blogged everyday. I can highly recommend it. It is very motivating. Good luck and I'll follow your progress with interest.
Oh if you want to visit my blog I'd love to see you.

Suzanne said...

Love the cover for the DSi. Have a wonderful time at Legoland.

ladydi said...

Posting every day is a commitment I've never been able to keep. It is such fun to "see" you again!