Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Swap-treasures and projects!

I am loving the weird facts you can read in the Snapple bottle caps.
This is another thing I didn't know...in fact, I wasn't even aware that there is a "rose family". Oh well...live and learn, right?! And no-one can know everything!
I have sent off my doll quilt for the DQS9, and it has been well received. That's always a nervous time...will my partner like what I made for her?! But she did, and I am relieved!

This round I have also been a swap mama, and the super talented Lucinda made a chair-quilt for each mama in the swap!!! How cool is she?! I love the chair she made for me, it is such a treasure :)
I have been working on a quilt for my bed. It is not a huge bed, but big enough that it is going to be quite a challenge to quilt it. So far it is 85" square - and I have no idea how I am going to wrestle that through my sewing machine, but I am sure going to give it my best shot!
The quilt is made from several packs of Punctuation charm squares - now I am waiting for the yardage I ordered for the backing to arrive!

Also...I want to show you the rows I have received from my fabulous Row10 friends. I love this quilt so much already!! Maybe I will use some kind of quilt-as-you-go methos for quilting this one....still debating!
My evergrowing scrappile is also keeping me busy, I have wanted to piece circles for a while, and it seemed like a good way to use some scraps. This is not a fast quilt to cut. For these blocks I do find the actual piecing much easier than the cutting.
But I will finish it!!! I will!!

Miss V is enjoying school so much - I am still a wreck, but better me than her!
My job is very time-consuming right now, but we're supposed to get some help in another month or so, hopefully that'll make it better ;)
I still do enjoy my job very much, however, I also feel like I am missing out on so much with the kids. It's all about compromize I guess.


Exuberant Color said...

I love your row quilt! Quilting it in sections makes sense. That way you can enjoy the quilting.

Trisha said...

I love when you share your bottlecap facts. I told my kids the ant surviving in water one and we were all amazed by it.

I DO love my doll quilt so much and appreciate you making it for me. Good luck with quilting your punctuation quilt!!

mathea said...

The Rose family? Well there is Axl Rose, Karen Rose, Charlie Rose, Emily Rose... ;-D - Sorry, I'm just being silly!
Your row 10 quilt is going to be fabulous, and lucky you getting that beautiful chair quilt!
You have "a few" things in your life to keep you busy I see... but you will get there with the quilts as well, I'm sure. Just take your time, and remember to have fun!

ladydi said...

What a lot you have going on! I am so glad you took the time to share them with us. I really like the quarter circles you have pieced - so pretty! The chair quilt is adorable, and something I would never have thought of. Glad to hear Miss V is enjoying school. How about Little A - how is he doing? And Miss T and Mr. C? I hope the family is doing well.