Saturday, February 20, 2010

A week off ;)

The kids and I have just spent a week at my parents house :) Aaaah! It's been fun, and I have really appreciated seeing them enjoy spending time with their grandparents!

Also, it has given me some extra free time! I spent some of that getting some sewing done. I have had this box bag on my list for ages..
Little A is getting older, and it's really not neccessary to drag a diaper bag everywhere we go. So I made this little bag to hold a few diapers, wipes, and a small changing pad. I love the orange zipper!
I also managed to finish these blocks for Aneela in the Euro Bee. These were fun to make. Maybe I should consider making myself one of these quilts??
The scarf I started back in January is finished, just in time to give it to my Dad for his birthday :)
And I started a new knitting project! This hat for Charles is already finished - I'll have pictures soon - and I started another one like it for A!
It's cold and we have a lot of snow, so woollen hats are really useful :)
I'll make one for Miss V too, but I need some purple wool....yay, shopping!!!


Jodie said...

That box bag is so great ! and I love the zipper too!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The orange zipper was the perfect choice. Love all your knitted projects - you have been busy!

ladydi said...

Such freedom when you can put the diaper bag aside! You've made such gorgeous things. Are you able to knit while in the car or train? Your quilt blocks are beautiful. I keep seeing other people's blocks of that design; I really need to try it myself. :>} I'm sure your dad was delighted with his new scarf!

Lisa Boyer said...

Love the box bag! What a great shape, and colors, too! That is such a great tutorial; I'm so thankful that she posted it. Hope you are all well and warm!

Katie said...

That's a really cute bag!

ladydi said...

A week off is good, but a month off from blogging?? We are missing you, and hope you are having time for fun sewing as well as work.