Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just checking in...

....to say hi!
Miss V loves to decorate, so she'll arrange her toys so they look pretty :) She left this HelloKitty setup for me in our bookcase.
Isn't that just the cutest thing?

She loves to take pictures, all the pictures in this post are taken by her. It's fun to see our home through her eyes.
But then, she also just takes pictures of everything!
We had that coconut for dessert this evening, and I have discovered taht eating large amounts of coconut gives me a stomachache. Oh well ;)
I guess this is how she sees the kitchen counter
and the view from the kids' bedroom window. We have had a lot of snow lately...
....oh...and the floor in the kids' bedroom. Not as tidy as I like it, but not at its worst either. Lol.
Their coat rack in the hallway....hmm...no coats. They are probably on the floor then. Ack!
I am off to finish the Plain Spoken quilt top. With any luck it will be a completed quilt by the end of this week. I am hoping to give it as a birthday present next monday! Yikes I'm busy!!!


ladydi said...

How wonderful to see your home through the eyes of Miss V. I do like the arrangement she made for the bookcase! I'm sorry the coconut didn't agree with you. :0/ It's high in cholesterol anyway, so who needs it?

Marie said...

looks like you have a little photographer on your hands! you have a beautiful home!

Messy Karen said...

how we forget the little ones can't see what we see. and they see what we don't look at.