Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Away from home

The kids and I are visiting my parents for a few days. My classes start soon, and then it'll be hard to find time to go away!
My mom has a huge box of scraps, so I brought my ruler, and made 2 blocks so far.

It's been raining pretty hard here, and Viola loves to be out in the rain. Ask doesn't, so he stayed inside.
Ask is getting his first molars, 3 at the same time. So he is feverish and whiney, the poor guy :-( It must hurt quite bad, he usually doesn't cry. Of course this all started the day after we got here, and it's 4 hours on the train to get home. Not looking forward to that! But I really do believe you should be at home when not feeling well!
So I have asked Charles to come and get us, and as the sweet loving man he is, he just agreed right away.
I'm so grateful! It could have been a really bad 4 hour-trip back to Copenhagen :-( Now it'll be fine!

I brought my doll quilt, and sent it from here on Monday...I cannot wait to hear what my partner thinks of it!!!
Hopefully it'll arrive at its new home soon!

Jen at Crafty Giveaways is giving away Disney princess panels and backing to 5 lucky winners. Go leave a comment! Good luck!

....and I made it out on my 3rd run today...I like running in the rain!
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anne from finland said...

Poor Ask, I wish he will soon be better with brilliant new white molars and smiling lips! You found nice pieces at your mother! Let me know, if you like to have some more pieces of fabric!

Anonymous said...

I hope Ask is feeling better soon!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope Ask feels brighter soon! Love your new scrappy blocks. Well done for keeping up the running - rain and all!

ladydi said...

It must have been so much fun to go through your mom's fabric stash. Is that a cute little koala? I like it! I'm so sorry Ask isn't feeling well. Your parents must have been disappointed you had to leave early.

Tracy said...

Hugs for poor Ash. I hope his teeth come through quickly for him. Wow you are good 3 runs in one day.

Dandelion Quilts said...

I hope he feels better, that is just rotten (for everyone).

Tine said...

Ask is better! Thanks :-) The teeth stopped hurting last night!

@tracy: No no! 3 runs in all! Not in one day. It's just me not beeing able to express myself correctly!!

Suzanne said...

How sad for Ask to be feeling unwell while away.
I love how you packaged up your swap.
Tine the I have an award on my blog, the you make my day award (which I thought I had done ages ago and passed on) the must see blog award and blogging friend forever award.

amandajean said...

glad to see in the comments that Ask is feeling better. and hurray for your 3rd run!

Marie said...

I like running in the rain too-maybe because then I don't notice how sweaty and hot I am. Your blocks are darling and I'm pretty sure your swap partner will love her doll quilt!

P.S. Thanks so much for all your help with my quilt!

upstateLisa said...

Glad to hear that Ask is feeling better! It is miserable not to feel good anywhere!!! Good for you on your runs! I don't like running in the rain but hubby loves rains, snow, ice. Have fun at your parents!

Fiesta said...

nice blocks. very creative of you to do them while on vacation. It shows that we must always do some kind of sewing.

Megan said...

Love that little sleepy koala square. So cute! You do very nice work!!