Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New shoes

Today I bought a new pair of shoes.....for running! And other running gear ;-) I need to get back out there, and take a little better care of myself!
Much as I love sewing, it really doesn't do much for my health. LOL!
I do have some clothes tucked away somewhere, but it's probably a size 2, and no way am I going to even try to get into that!!!

I went to a Nike-factory-outlet, and got everything I need (+a pair of sneakers for Charles) for less than those shoes cost in a regular store.

After shopping for not-so-interesting-shoes I saw these
and I just had to have them!
I love them, and they are surprisingly comfortable.

Oh I should tell you!
My sweet Charles is doing his PhD, doing research on folksonomies and collaborative tagging....he might need to do a case-study, and guess what he chose as his topic?! Quilters! How fun is that?!
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ladydi said...

I didn't know you were a runner. Good for you! I am a former runner. :>} I participated in four 10K races years ago, then decided I prefer walking. LOL The new shoes look great!

anne from finland said...

Wow! Great shoes! After 15,5 kilos weight loss I am also ready to start jogging!I had 15 years break... Greetings to Viola and Ask!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I think I need to follow your example - I spent way too much time sitting at my computer or sewing machine! Your new running shoes look very smart. Your husbands research sounds really intersting!

Suzanne said...

I hear you about the health issues sitting at sewing machine and computers. I too have decided I need to exercise more. Love the shoes you bought.

Emily said...

Good Luck with the running! It's my absolute FAVORITE way to relieve the stress from my 4 energetic kiddos! I love to run by myself either with my ipod jammin' out, or without it lost in my own quiet thoughts. So relaxing for me!!

Leslie said...

those heels are adorable. And a gorgeous color.

amandajean said...

good luck with your running! I admire your resolve to start.