Friday, December 12, 2008

Scrappy I SPY squares is done!!!

And I love it!! I am so happy this quilt is staying at my house :)
I just finished the binding, some of the scraps I chose are a little heavy, making it hard to handstitch, but it was okay.

Viola is not feeling well, so she is at home with me, which is nice. We have lots of projects, and I get to sew a little during the day. It is not good at all for my paper, I can't work when she is here, so I work at night.
That is seriously cutting into my sleep.... Not a good thing, but I'll manage, the sewing should be done by Dec. 24th (lets keep our fingers crossed. Lol), and the paper by Jan. 5th. And then I'll have some time to catch up!

I made labels for all of the 3 quilts I am giving as gifts this Christmas.. I used stamps, and I am not sure what I think of these, but finished labels are much better then imagined perfect phantom I am using these :)
Charles' is already on his quilt! YAY!
This quilt is completely done, ready to be wrapped!!
I am soooo happy!

Now onto the next project....I need to piece the backing for my sisters quilt.
And Viola and I are working on calendars for the family, she'll be giving one to Charles, my parents and my sister.

I printed and cut all the photos, one calendar has all the photos in place, and Viola is adding the finishing touches (drawings and stickers!). So only 2 more to go!
But why did I have to choose the kind where I have to write all the dates?!


Fiesta said...

lovely works of art and I love the labels and calendar ideas.

Messy Karen said...

well done. your I SPY is truly an amazing effort. and i love your quilt labels. it's true that done is much better. what a great attitude you have. (i use a mini jar opener when the needle pulling gets difficult).

Eileen said...

You are doing SO good. All of your gifts handmade with love. And quality work! It is wonderful.

Jackie said...

Charles is going to be sooo happy! I love the quilt. Doesn't it make you feel good that you finished it in time for Christmas giving. I am sorry to hear Viola is not feeling well, but you have a helper at home to finish your other wonderful gifts.

Emily said...

It feels so good when projects are DONE! Great work on your quilts, too.

Trisha said...

Love the scrappy look of this quilt. It turned out so cute! BTW, love your daughters striped tights.

Marie' said...

Beautiful handwriting you have!
That is a big project you finished. I am sure you hubby will be impressed.

Simone de Klerk said...

Congratulations on finishing your quilt! Wonderful. I also love the way you wrapped it.
Isn't it wonderful to have your daughter home for a day? I had my son home today. He didn't feel like going and since he is never sick, I allowed him to stay home for one day. He's such good company. The two of us used to be together when my daughter went to school and my husband worked. I always notice we had this time for the two of us, knowing what the other wants and also going each others own way.
Sorry, got carried away.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tina said...

Great to have your quilt finished, I'm sure. It turned out so nice, and I know what you mean about being happy that it is staying in your home. Hope Viola will be feeling better soon!

LauraJ said...

Oh that feeling to be finished a project. I hope to have that soon. Your quilt turned out so fun! Who wouldn't love that quilt? I do! Calenders what a great idea! I LOVE pictures but dislike sorting and going through them. One of my presents to A is an album with a bunch of pictures. Just the thought gives me hives. Such a chore! I've got 9 years of photos to go through. But I know in my heart that it's something he will love very much. (Because he loves to look at photos and we have no albums. Bad, I know.)I've rambled. This got so long could you turn this in for your paper?

Anonymous said...

Well done Tine for finishing that beautiful quilt in plenty of time for Christmas.

Sorry to hear that Viola is under the weather. I hope she feels better soon.

The calender is a lovely idea. Good to see you are keeping the Christmas Spirit. I have a little something for you on my blog.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt! And I love your frogs & lily pads! Hmm...

Just what I need though -- another Christmas sewing project!


ladydi said...

Oh, Tine, it is so perfect! I know Charles will love this quilt so much. I do wonder why the dates say July 08? Is that when you started them? Everyone will love Viola's calendars - great idea!

mathea said...

I love the quilt! Charles will be so pleased with it - it is truly wonderful to get a gift with so much love stitched into it, and I'm sure he'll appreciate that! I hope you are having fun with the calendars, I bet they will bring lots of joy. So, now you're all done - whatver will you do to pass the time till Christmas? ;-)

Tonya said...

I just love it!!! I am sure Charles will too : )

I like your stamped quilt tags, I am doing the same thing for clothing labels. I just stamp the name of the person it is for on the tag. Like you said, much better than an imagined perfect pretend tag LOL

amandajean said...

the quilt turned out gorgeous!!! good luck finishing up all your projects in time!

Katy said...

the labels look great, and whether you think they are ok or not, they are better than imaginary ones - so be happy with them!
Charles' quilt is beyond brilliant, imagine him curled up under that on Christmas night, with the 2 little ones tucked either side. I don't think Christmas gets better than that, do you?

Marie said...

Charles' quilt turned out FABULOUS! I would love to make a gorgeous big quilt like that for my house one day.

Hope you're having a good week Tine!

Blessings to you!

Angelia said...

I love the squares quilt the brown borders really set of all the other colors.

domoshar said...

Lovely quilt, great colour combos and the brown looks like dark chokolate.
I love the calendar idea! You choose this kind to make them extra special! :)
And you are so brave to make all of this loveliness in such a short time. I hope Viola is getting better every hour!

PS your labels are very simple and equally stylish. I like them!