Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Batman/Star Wars Sew Together Bag for A

After the kids saw the Sew Together Bag I made for my hexie project, they both want one :-)

They have picked their fabrics, and today I started.
My 8yo (almost 9yo) A chose Star Wars for the lining and Batman for the exterior of his bag.

He is lucky to have a mom who loves Batman - and have hoarded all the Batman prints.

The zipper sandwich came together fine, I am always a little nervous about sewing with metal zippers. Especially when it's a tight fit like here. But everything went well :-)

After sewing the pocket linings together wrong 2-3 times (!), it was finally time to attach the side panels. It looks more and more like a bag...

I love using the binding clips to hold the side panels in place - much better than pins if you ask me!
Once the side panels are attached, the tricky part of sewing this bag is over. 

I handstitch the binding down, I prefer that to trying to machine stitch it down.

And here it is! One down, one to go.

......not counting the ones I want to make for myself. I think I need one in Batman fabrics 
(Pattern is from Sew Demented)

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Fantastic! Love the fabric choice :-)