Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Easter

I am trying to catch up on some sewing. I made these pillows for my Dad. They are his birthday present. And to give you and idea of how late I really am, I can tell you that his birthday is in January *ahem*
Morris Workshop Pillows

I made these to match the Morris Workshop quilt I made for my parents for Christmas. Atleast that was done in time ;)
I used up every little bit of the prints to finish these, as you can see on the back
Morris Workshop Pillows - back
I have almost finished one bee block for Tia, and I have one more to do. Lets just say, that applique is not my favourite kind of sewing....
While my machine is being fixed...
This block I am handsewing, and the next one will be sewn on my machine. If not Tia will not get these babies back until sometime in 2012 - and that would not be fair!
I have also almost finished a block for Lu, but I'll have to show you that when I am back in Copenhagen, I didn't take a picture of it yet.

On a different note....
Mmmmm....spring! You have to love it!
Violas picture of the crocus
The kids and I are spending Easter in Aarhus with my parents, and we are having a wonderful time.

I had some good news at work, and what better way to celebrate it than buying a new pair of shoes?!
These will be for work too....perfect for spring if you ask me :)


ladydi said...

I have never seen a field of purple crocuses before - they are lovely! For some reason people plant them in little clumps around here. Your pillows are stunning, and I'm sure your dad was glad to extend his birthday by a month or two. :>} As for the shoes - well, you already know how I feel about shoes. If I can't run in them, I can't wear them. They are pretty, though. (Just be careful!)

Katie said...

Love those pillows. I especially love those shoes! I could never wear them though. Sigh. :-)