Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slow days

There has been a lot of indoor activities at my house lately...
Miss V loves her Hello Kitty MuffinsGame. It's amazing to see just how much more fun a board game is, if it features your favourite character :)
I wonder if that would be true for chess as well??

We have made some homemade pizza. My kids like olives - and lots of them. When thinking of how many they ate while putting toppings on the pizza, I am amazed that there are any olives on the pizza at all!
I have been spending a lot of time resting, due to some health issues, and sitting at my sewing machine has been to tiring. So I have started knitting... I think this will be a scarf for my dad, maybe for Christmas?!
How is that for an early start on Christmas presents. Lol!

I have done a little sewing. I am in a quilting bee on Flickr, called Row 10.
10 of us are making a row (instead of a block) each month, and the recipient will join her rows to make a row quilt :)
This is my block for Sarah. She requested red/lime as the dominant colors - green/pink/white as less dominant. She is going to make a Christmas quilt and I think it will be gorgeous! You can see the other rows on Flickr.

The plain spoken is all ready to sew....I just need a little more energy, then I'll get to it ;)
I love these colors. Maybe I'm procrastinating so I'll get to keep it myself?


LauraJ said...

Would this be fun?
You name it, I'm sure it's been Hello Kitty-fied!
The colours for that plain spoken are just gorgeous!
Sarah's row is fabulous and I'm very intimidated by the talents in that group! I've pulled my fabric!

mathea said...

I love the colours for the plain spoken too, is this one for me? ;-)
And all that red, white and lime gorgeousness for the row quilt - wow!
Take care and take your time about things, until you feel better. I'm veeeery slow about everything sewing related too at the moment - all the snow and the low temperatures make me want to go into hibernation!

Tina said...

Hope you will be feeling better so you can tackle all your projects..and just be feeling better! The scarf is beautiful, love the yarn. I love HK.

Suzanne said...

Hi Tine, hope you feel a bit better soon. It's never too early to start with Christmas, time flies and we are always rusing around like crazy that few weeks before Christmas so its good to be organised.

ladydi said...

Tine, I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'm VERY impressed that you have taken up knitting while you are recovering. Your scarf is beautiful! I hope you feel better soon. Here is a get well hug from me. (hug)