Sunday, December 28, 2008

We had a great Christmas

and a busy one. We had Violas daycare come over Dec. 20th, then family and friends on her actual birthday, Dec. 22nd.
She loved all the attention, and I cannot believe I have a 4 year old daugther!

My parents and my sister stayed with us for Christmas, and we had a great time :) They loved their quilts!
Charles was SO surprised, he thought I was making him a laptop-sleeve. He loves his quilt, and actually shed a happy-tear when he opened his present!

Dec. 26th we went to tivoli, and had such a great time. Everything was beautifully decorated, Viola and Ask just loved it...and so did the rest of us :)

The Christmas tree in this next picture is not yellow, it is absolutely covered in lights!
and look....something for me too...

I am a so happy everyone liked the things I had made, it was so much fun! And definately worth all the stress :)

I have promised myself to be better prepared next year. Sew some of the gifts throughout the year....and have my deadline be Dec. 1st!!
I finally started the Rocket Man quilt for Ask. Not that I have done very much so far. Lol!
These are the first 2 stars. They are made from 2½" squares and scraps.... The white stars on the blue fabric in the star on the left...they glow in the dark!!
How cool is that?!

Hopefully it won't freak Ask out!


Jackie said...

I love the picture of Charles and his quilt. It is just a little bit bigger than a laptop sleeve. And it will keep him warmer. I also love the pictures of tivoli. That tree is fantastic. It must have taken them a long time to string all the lights. Your start on Ask's quilt is great, he will just love it!!

Helen said...

Merry Christmas Tine! Sounds like you had a beautiful day, very heart warming to read your pressies were loved when opened. :) And you have started already for next year! Inspirational!

Eileen said...

You mean you are starting his Christmas present for next year already? awesome! And I do love this star quilt.. the glow-in-the-dark fabric is sweet! I used some glow ric-rac once on a quilt, and didn't realize it until I already put it on.. but it is very cool! I'm so looking forward to you putting it together.

Love the hearts hanging from the branches.

mathea said...

It's good to hear that the quilts were apreciated - happy tears are the best :-)
I really like the first two stars for Ask's quilt - can't wait to see more!

Messy Karen said...

your present quilts were gorgeous. and what a great idea to start right away. love the star blocks.

amandajean said...

i'm glad you had a great christmas! i hope to be better prepared next year, too. the holiday stress is so not worth it!

ladydi said...

Your blog points out better than anything that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Your gifts are so very beautiful - nicely done. (But I would still like to see what they gave you!)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to hear your Christmas and Viola's birthday were such special occasions! How lovely to hear that Charles was so thrilled with his quilt. Ask's rocket quilt is going to be awesome!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Thanks for your comments on my quilted bag - it genuinely means a lot to me to hear that from somebody who "knows" quilting!
It was my first ever attempt!

jacquie said...

that is so great that charles loved his quilt. such a good feeling to give some of our work to someone we love. that tree is amazing...i wish i could get that many lights on my tree.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a tree of lights! I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas and birthday party. The quilt looks lovely on Charles.

Yes I know the feeling. I ought to be starting on next year too.

Exuberant Color said...

Glow in the dark stars are perfect. I love the 2 blocks you have made so far.

Quilt Nut said...

great pictures and i love your stars! too cool that the fabrics glow in the dark