Monday, September 22, 2008

This and that.....

Starting a new semester has been a lot of work. We all have to adjust to it, I don't have as much time to do stuff around the house as I have been used to this summer. But I just need to be a little more efficient ;-)
Viola loves her princess-gown, and wears it any chance she gets!
And she is epecially happy with how it matches her new wool unicorn-slippers.
She loves the "diamonds" on these.

Ask has a cold, a very bad one. He doesn't sleep well at night at all -so neither do I!
He stayed home today, hopefully he'll be feeling better soon. Chocolate always makes me feel a little seemed to cheer him up too. I'm not too sure that's a good thing to learn at such an early age. LOL!
I'm trying NOT to eat chocolate, so to cheer me up (I get grumpy when I don't get the 5 hours of interrupted sleep I'm used to), Charles and Viola bought me these flowers.
Surprisingly, they do the job just as well as chocolate would have! Now that's a good lesson to learn at any age!

I have not been able to get to my machine in a while, which almost always means I come up with a lot of idea for quilts to sew! I have figured out what to do to solve the size-problem with Charles' quilt....I will let you know soon ;-)
Thanks to Lisa and Tia I have fabrics and plans for no less than 2 quilts for Ask! YAY! A pirate-quilt for his bed and a a rocket napping-size quilt. I'm so excited about that!

And....I have always wanted to make a Christmas-quilt. I don't see this wish coming true this year, but maybe next year?!
Is it just me? I love these seasonal quilts...


Jackie said...

Viola looks so pretty in her dress and unicorn slippers! Sorry to hear that Ask has a cold, but this too shall. I understand too about getting into a new routine. Patience is a virtue in this area. The flowers are beautiful and I know that this would make me feel better too. No it is not just you I like the seasonal quilts too.

thriftymrs said...

I need to get me one of those princess gowns.
I understand what getting into a new routine is like, it is a hard balancing act sometimes.

amandajean said...

hope ask is feeling better soon. I am just getting over a terrible cold and it feels good to get back into the land of the living. colds can be so miserable.

I am planning a Christmas quilt for me this year. Not sure I'll get it done, but i have all the fabric scraps set aside anyway.

Messy Karen said...

you have many responsibilities that are more important than that darn sewing machine. but that sure is a cute quilt. nobody says you can't start gathering fabrics so you are ready when you have more time. V & A are lovely.

Katy said...

Hope Ask feels better soon, poor little one. It's awful feeling poorly at any age. I think chocolate is actually medicinal, so don't worry ;)

A pirate quilt? How exciting!!!

upstateLisa said...

Tine, how sweet of Charles and Viola to get you flowers! I brought my youngest home early from school with a sore throat (UGH) but I made her entertain herself while I tried to figure out our new accounting program (double UGH). Hope you get some sleep and quality sewing time soon!!!!

mathea said...

Aaaah, little girls and their pink dresses and slippers - so sweet! I hope Ask gets well soon, it's hard on mum and dad too when the little ones are feeling poorly!
I'm just full of admiration for you - you seem to be well on your way with Christmas preparations already! I love that christmas quilt - actually I think I have a pattern for a similar one in a book, I must look it up!

Lily Boot said...

Flowers are good - and you're right, much better for us than chocolate. Fat quarters make me happy - but empty my purse a little too quickly :-) Are there rose petals sewn into Viola's princess dress? It's gorgeous - and she looks like she's grown so tall! I love Christmas - any season - quilts - and I can definitely foresee a small Christmas quilt this year.

ladydi said...

Darling gown and slippers! Did you make the gown? Viola learned early that diamonds are a girl's best friend. (well, after chocolate - LOL) There's nothing like starting a new school year to get the cold germs in motion. AAK! I hope Ask feels better soon, and doesn't share it with the family.

I can't see making a big seasonal quilt - too much fabric and work for a short season - but definitely a small one!

Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear Ask isn't well. Hope he feels better soon so you can get some more sleep.
Wow I like the quilt that is in the last photo in the book and I am glad you found a solution to Charles quilt.

Dana said...

Sorry Ask is sick and as a result your not sleeping well either. But your fairy princess looks adorable.

I'm kinda a sucker for seasonal quilts too. That tree one is awesome!

Kristin said...

I love seasonal quilts too, and you're definitely not alone in finding that the longer you're away from the machine, the more ideas you have LOL!! I'm so there.

Only 93 days to go till Christmas! :)

Reclaiming The Home

(PS - thanks for the awesome suggestion on the weight loss blog title!) :D

Eileen said...

Yes.. chocolate does have a way of cheering us up.. doesn't it?? But flowers are good too. That Christmas quilt would also do the trick I think!

Marie said...

I love those little unicorn slippers! I haven't seen anything like that before-so cute! I hope Ask is better by now. My two youngest are sick and sleep around here has been limited! Thanks for all your prayers for our family by the way-they meant so much to us!