Thursday, September 4, 2008

A swap and a giveaway!

Tia from CampFollowerBagLady and I decided to do a swap.....and WOW! She sent me so much! There is a stack of MODA charm-squares, beautiful buttons and one of her handmade bags! And the fabric....oh the fabric!!! Loads of boy-prints! Dragons, pirates, maps, gold-coins.... Tattoos, dogs, houses, cars.... It is all so fantastic! Thank you, Tia!
I have so many ideas of what to make for Ask, now that I have a great selection of boyprints to work with!!

I won one of Jennifers give-aways! If you have not been to her blog yet, you must go pay her a visit. She has a give-away every week, and it is really a lot of fun! And look what I won!
A Disney princesses panel!!! Viola is turning 4 just before Christmas, and she will just love this! You can't tell from this picture, but the purple behind the princesses has glitter in it! Does it get any better than that?!

The prize also included fabric for backing, a lovely print with little purple flowers. this picture you can see the sparkle in the purple background!

Right now I am sewing the binding on the Plain Spoken. I started last night, but didn't finish.... Hopefully it'll get done tonight!
That'll be one Christmas-present done!

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Jacquie said...

gotta love sparkles! what a great swap. you're going to be busy! can't wait to see the plain spoken in all its glory.

Katy said...

great mail goodies!!!

Suzanne said...

Lovely mail, it always makes you smile when you get something like this. Hope you get to finish your plain spoken binding tonight.

anne from finland said...

You have got such a lovely mail! I am still cutting the circles of Marimekko fabrics. They will be keyrings... At work I started to teach, how to make yoyos. My pupils like this project so much. It sounds that Ask is better now, when you are sewing! :-)
Have a nice weekend!

ladydi said...

I can't wait to see what you make for Ask out of all the great boy prints! And as you said, it doesn't get better than princesses and purple sparkles for Viola. Is Viola changing her mind about buttons yet? Did you put the purple owls on something for her?

Marie said...

Oh wow-it's all so cute! I'm sure Viola will just love that quilt. Actually, any little girl would love it, it is after all princess!
Have a great weekend!