Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I had some sewing time - yay!
I am still working on the star quilt
I really like this pattern!

I think Miss V and her friend must have caught me at a time when I was feeling particularly guilty about not spending enough time with my kids....or maybe I had just said no too many times already that day?! Somehow, they managed to make me promise that I would sew them matching bags. So I did. These are made from KeykaLou's Curvy Clutch pattern.
I quilted their names so they can tell them apart - and because I want (and need) the practise :)
Clutch for Viola
They love their new little clutches, so it was worth the work - the girls picked the fabrics, and they are very proud of how well they did.

My kids woke me up with kisses on Mother's Day :) And some pretty awesome gifts.
I have not been very good at saving hand- and footprints as they are growing up, but they gave me this fabric
All the blue hands are Asks and the red ones are Violas :) I have no idea how I am going to use this, but I am sure I'll think of something.
They also gave me this Moomin mug - because they love bubbles
Moomin Mug 
Cute, huh?!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well. Whether you are a mom, friend, aunt or something else!


Lady Katkin said...

We love Moomin. Bet it's a lot cheaper where you live, too. Loved your fabric - I'd probably go tote bag myself.
Here in England, we had mother's day on my birthday, April 3. Silly us. x

ladydi said...

Your star quilt blocks are stunning! I love the colors and your nice pointy points. What fun for the girls to have matching bags. I do wonder what important things they put in their bags. :0)