Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clean-up job!

My coworkers and I were invited to dinner at the Raddisson in Copenhagen. The fod was delicious, and take a look at the view!! Wow, right?!

I love this city :)

Speaking of things I love - or don't love.... I used to have shelves above my sewing table, to hold fabrics....but one day, one of the shelves broke!!! What a mess. Lucky for me, it was not taken as a sign that I have too much fabric, but just that I needed different storage :)
So off to IKEA we went, and I chose these:

They are really kitchen cabinets, but I like them so much as fabric-storage! I am loving this, and I have even managed to keep my sewing area cleaned up since we put these amazing is that?!

I am working on my doll quilt for DQS9, and I will post pictures once it is closer to being done. That should be very soon now!

I'll just leave you with this bit of trivia:

Did you know?? I didn't!


Trisha said...

What a gorgeous view of Copenhagen. I love your new shelves and how great that they are helping you be neater. Cool trivia about an ant. I am going to share that one with the kids!

ladydi said...

Wow! I'm glad you shared the great view of your city. I had to laugh at your shelf breaking philosophy; NOT too much fabric, just needing new storage! And what wonderful storage it is. I once read that a flea (yuck!) can live up to TWO YEARS without a blood meal. How disgusting is that?